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Touted among the best creative agencies in Gurgaon, PICKXELS Lab help create videos that garner attention and increases your profitability quotient. From startups to established brands, there is a visually impactful solution for everyone at PICKXELS Lab. Creating memorable videos that help you achieve the desired results has always been the main motto of the company.
Whether you want to create video ads, crowdfunding videos or TV spot commercials, or game trailers, you need the best creative agency in Gurgaon to make it influential and to reach customers globally. When it comes to choosing the best creative agencies in Gurgaon, PICKXELS Lab stands out with its impeccable record to deliver and exceed client expectations and of course in creating lasting impressions.
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A structured approach

PICKXELS Lab, considered among the best creative agency in Gurgaon, believes in transforming the imagination of their customers onto the screen and that is why the process always starts with a consultation with the clients on their expectations. Using a structured approach, the company dedicates its effort and time to creating videos that fit your expectations and your budget.
  • Understanding the requirements of clients from the tone, style, humor level, the value proposition of the brand, etc. Clients are encouraged to share their creative brief if any with the company.
  • Based on the given requirements, the PICKXELS Lab team then works to make a few concepts that will match the brand requirement and perception among the audience.
  • The concepts are discussed with the clients who can share their feedbacks which are later incorporated to arrive at the final script.
  • The team then immerses itself in the pre-production activities like locations, logistics, and casting.
  • And then comes the production of the video itself with post-production following up after it.
  • The edited video is shared with the customers for their feedback and revisions are made where necessary.
  • The final output is then delivered in line with client requirements and expectations.
PICKXELS Lab creates a unique story every time for every brand because marketing is not just about numbers but about the impact, it creates on the consumers, be it B2B or B2C. This is probably why PICKXELS Lab is rated among the best creative agency in Gurgaon.

A Video production

From storyboards to creating creative content, pre-production activities to post-production actions, the PICKXELS Lab team has a well-equipped team to handle them all.

Strategic branding

PICKXELS Lab creates a strategy that works in enriching your brand presence while elevating your product and services with an everlasting impression on customers.

Event and aviation

PICKXELS Lab team has experts to handle multiple events, exhibitions and have handled hundreds of projects in 3D aviation as well.

Event and aviation

PICKXELS Lab places priority over your requirements, listening in deep to your requirements, and delivers a comprehensive yet creative solution. The company creates an immersive and interactive video for your consumers.
Renowned to be the best creative agency in Gurgaon, PICKXELS Lab
  • a) Maintains the highest quality on every video created, be it for advertisements, social media marketing solutions, simple customer engagement, or crowdfunding videos.
  • b) Ensures transparency in every stage of the video production from the creation of the concept to the final delivery for their clients, from choosing talent to post-production.
  • c) Understands the USP and the finer points of the brand and delve deeper into the brand creation before embarking on the video production.
  • d) Creates videos that spark attention among the right audience, creates interest, engages actively, encourages participation, and finally commands action or the CTA.
  • e) Works with a diverse network of talent crews, directors, and producers from across different locations to deliver a truly global production.
  • f) Optimizing the videos with SEO-rich content, ensuring a top ranking on any search engine at any given time.