What can we do?

If you are looking to create explainer videos, that would help you to reach out to your audience with ease, then PICKXELS Lab, the creative agency in Gurgaon has the best team for you. We provide you with a variety of creative explainer videos categorized as under:

• Character animation videos:

: If you are looking for an efficient explainer video, then the character animation will give that for you. PICKXELS Lab creates affordable explainer videos which are both fun and creative to connect and engage with your audience in a more proficient manner.

Motion graphics:

Sometimes the simplest of the infographics is what you need to keep your audience engaged, more so if you are looking at complicated products and services to reach them. As one of the best creative agency in Gurgaon, we at PICKXELS Lab offer you a vivid representation of your product/service with the most dynamic graphics.

Whiteboard animation:

Using a digital canvas we at PICKXELS Lab bring life to elements and simple text with enticing visuals. With fun elements added to the mix, the audience will be more engaged with the whiteboard animation we create for your company.

Kinetic typography:

The impact of visual designs can be further enhanced with the right font size to your words. The team at PICKXELS Lab works towards creating animated graphics and the right typography that will evoke, engage and sustain your customer attention for a longer period.

Screencast videos:

Another form of introducing a product or service to your customers is with videos alongside a powerful and yet engaging narration. This is more impactful and the PICKXELS Lab, a creative agency in Gurgaon, recreates an experience like never before as you launch your latest products and services to the audience.
You can now achieve your goals, at the professional front and reach out to more audiences about your products and business. We at PICKXELS Lab, offer you to create explainer videos of the highest quality with impactful storytelling and an amazing visual experience for your customers. With these affordable explainer videos from PICKXELS Lab, you will be able to stand out from the competition and gain a creative edge over them.

A Video production

From storyboards to creating creative content, pre-production activities to post-production actions, the PICKXELS Lab team has a well-equipped team to handle them all.

Strategic branding

PICKXELS Lab creates a strategy that works in enriching your brand presence while elevating your product and services with an everlasting impression on customers.

Event and aviation

PICKXELS Lab team has experts to handle multiple events, exhibitions and have handled hundreds of projects in 3D aviation as well.

Explainer Videos

PICKXELS Lab places priority over your requirements, listening in deep to your requirements, and delivers a comprehensive yet creative solution. The company creates an immersive and interactive video for your consumers.
Renowned to be one of the the best creative agency in Gurgaon, PICKXELS Lab
  • a) Maintains the highest quality on every video created, be it for advertisements, social media marketing solutions, simple customer engagement, or crowdfunding videos.
  • b) Ensures transparency in every stage of the video production from the creation of the concept to the final delivery for their clients, from choosing talent to post-production.
  • c) Understands the USP and the finer points of the brand and delve deeper into the brand creation before embarking on the video production.
  • d) Creates explainer videos that spark attention among the right audience, creates interest, engages actively, encourages participation, and finally commands action or the CTA.
  • e) Optimizing the videos with SEO-rich content, ensuring a top ranking on any search engine at any given time.